Team offices as
flexible as you
and your team

ZIP stands for a concentrated workforce in a compact space. It’s as easy as it sounds: move in, plug in and away you go. Rent representative team offices and meeting rooms at the innovative Life Science Hub in Stücki Park in Basel. ZIP offers an individual solution for a wide range of requirements, whether for long-term projects, seminars, workshops, launch parties or consultations. Benefit from extra flexible rental terms (from three months), condensed resources, attractive infrastructure and a dynamic community.

But ZIP is no conventional co-working space: you rent private rooms, not desks in an open-plan office. Maximum privacy is therefore assured. But hand on heart, interacting with and meeting other people makes you feel good, inspires and creates synergies. That’s why the ZIP community shares the infrastructure outside its own space. That is ecologically and socially beneficial.
Enterprise solution
Flexibility and diversity
ZIP has the right space for every organisation and task, whether you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or a global company.
Rental terms from 3 months
Maximum flexibility
We offer you maximum flexibility and a wide variety of rooms over two floors. You choose the rental term, amount of space and equipment. You then book extra meeting rooms as and when you need them.
Team offices
Fully equipped team offices
Choose the right space for you from two office types between 59 m² and 109 m².
Meeting rooms
The perfect space for any task
7 meeting rooms, 1 auditorium for 50 people, everything easily bookable. The first four hours every month are free. After this, costs start at CHF 30/hr.
Shared infrastructure
Rent offices and get more
Fully equipped meeting rooms, auditorium, coffee point with break-out zone, snack boxes, two printer zones, ZIP bar in the lobby and of course the inspiring ZIP community.
Printers and copiers
Materials included
Print your important documents in one of two printer zones. We provide the paper and consumables.
Daily cleaning
Fresh and clean
Your team offices are cleaned daily, the communal areas even more often.
State of the art technology
All smart
Digital reception, high-speed internet access in all zones, flat screens in all meeting rooms, auditorium with the latest presentation technology and much more.
Digital reception
Receive your guests virtually
Your guests get in touch with you via the virtual reception.
24/7 access
Digital building access
Whether you’re an early bird or night owl – ZIP is accessible around the clock.
ZIP bar
Serviced lobby bar
For snacks or full meals the ZIP bar has fresh panini, salads and more to go. And every morning the barista will prepare the finest speciality coffees for you.
Snack box
Sneaky snacks, 24/7
The snack box is filled with fresh salads, meals to heat up and sweet and savoury snacks.
Stücki Park
Microcosm for business, leisure & recreation
Rent an office and enjoy the benefits of a small town: the Stücki Park site offers the largest fitness centre in the region, shopping facilities, bars, restaurants, a hotel, cinema and a bowling alley.
Community building
Interesting encounters
Make contacts and keep them. Existing tenants in building HO60F include Ridgeleine, Mettler Toledo and TFL Ledertechnick AG.
No extra costs
All inclusive
Electricity, heating and water costs are included in the rent.

Rent team offices

Max. number of workspaces
Price/mth. plus VAT
Price/mth. plus VAT
standard furnished*
Fact sheet**
Office 1
109 m²
CHF 6'800
CHF 7'800
Office 2
59 m²
CHF 3'915
CHF 4'750
Office 3
59 m²
CHF 3'915
CHF 4'750
Office 4
108 m²
CHF 6'800
CHF 7'800
Office 5
109 m²
CHF 6'800
CHF 7'800
Office 6
59 m²
CHF 3'915
CHF 4'584
Office 7
108 m²
CHF 6'800
CHF 7'800
*The prices quoted reflect the costs of furnishing the office concerned in accordance with the layout. The costs may vary depending on the number of workspaces, the degree of personalisation and the furnishings used.
**Changes and deviations from the published information are expressly reserved.


360° tour of Level 2

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    Rent meeting rooms

    Workshop or launch party? ZIP has the perfect space for every task: bright, inviting and with state-of-the-art technology. You can book event spaces whenever you wish.

    Your gastronomic wellbeing is also catered for. Alongside vending machines and the serviced ZIP bar in the lobby, you can also order catering. There are microwaves, coffee machines and water coolers available at the coffee point. Our cosy and comfortable XL Lounge at the coffee point is the perfect place to linger, slow down or make contacts.

    It’s easy to meet people in the lobby. A simple exchange of ideas over coffee in the morning can forge synergies which develop into something great.

    Max. number of people
    17 m²
    CHF 30/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 6-8 people
    • 17 m²
    • small and focused
    • state of the art screen
    29 m²
    CHF 32/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 8-10 people
    • 29 m²
    • round table
    • state of the art screen
    43 m²
    CHF 40/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 14-16 people
    • 43 m²
    • workshops
    • state of the art screen
    18 m²
    CHF 30/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 6-8 people
    • 19 m²
    • small and focused
    • state of the art screen
    58 m²
    CHF 45/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 20 people
    • 58 m²
    • dynamic working with rostrum
    • state of the art screen
    31 m²
    CHF 35/h
    show moreshow less
    • for max. 10-12 people
    • 31 m²
    • board room
    • state of the art screen
    113 m²
    CHF 850/day
    CHF 450/½day
    show moreshow less
    On level 1 you can find the 113 m² large
    state-of-the-art auditorium.
    Ideal for talks, presentations and lectures.

    * first 4 hrs./mth. free for Plug&Work tenants

    360° tour of Level 1

    ZIP @ Stücki Park

    ZIP is located on Levels 1 and 2 in the HO60 F building at Hochbergerstrasse 60 in Stücki Park. This new build has only recently been completed. Inside you will find everything you need for productive working. But ZIP offers more than just attractive office spaces. You will benefit from numerous services and extras within the same building or on the Stücki Park site: the largest fitness centre in the region, shopping facilities, bars, restaurants and a hotel, cinema and bowling alley. In short: a microcosm for business, leisure and recreation

    Largest fitness centre in the region
    Whether it’s power yoga in the morning, training over lunch or Pilates after work – it’s all possible at GYYM. The largest fitness centre in the region is just next door in Stücki Village.
    Car park
    with 70 spaces
    There are 70 parking spaces available for you in the underground car park on Hochbergerstrasse.
    Leisure facilities
    Third Place
    Cinema or bowling? Both! The Stücki Park site has a wide range of leisure facilities to offer.
    Varied culinary offering
    Everything is catered for
    There is something for every taste in Stücki Park.
    Retail & services
    There are numerous services in Stücki Park to make sure you are well looked after - before, during and after work, such as Migros, a hairdressing salon, an optician or a doctor and dental practice.
    Stücki Park
    Microcosm for business, leisure & recreation
    Rent an office and enjoy the benefits of a small town: the Stücki Park site offers the largest fitness centre in the region, shopping facilities, bars, restaurants, a hotel, cinema and a bowling alley.

    Hochbergerstrasse 60F,
    ZIP Stücki Park
    Hochbergerstrasse 60G
    Hochbergerstrasse 60 A-E
    Petrol station
    Bus 36
    Bus 36
    Tram 8


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      Bewirb dich unverbindlich für eine zweimonatige Gratisnutzung eines Teambüros im ZIP Stücki Park.
      Details zur Gratisnutzung

      • Ein hochwertig ausgebautes, möbliertes Teambüro mit 59 oder 109 m² für 10-12 Mitarbeitende
      • Inbegriffen sind folgende Services: Wöchentliche Reinigung, Digitaler Empfang, Nutzung Meetingräume (4 Std. pro Monat kostenlos), High-Speed-Internetzugang, Nutzung Drucker und Kopierer inkl. Material sowie alle Nebenkosten inkl. Strom
      • Gratis-Mietdauer: 2 Monate (frühester Bezug: 1.10.2021)
      • Option: Übergang in normale Anmietung (3 Mt. Kündigungsfrist) ab Monat 3 mit 5 % Ermässigung (separaterVertrag)
      • Welcome Espresso in der ZIP Bar bei der Objektübergabe

      Im Gegenzug zur 2-monatigen Gratisnutzung erlaubt ihr der Betreiberin Wincasa angekündigte Besichtigungen mit neuen Mietinteressenten in eurem Teambüro.
      Wir möchten euch zudem während 1 bis 2 Tagen in eurem Betriebsalltag begleiten und eure Story in Bild und Film festhalten. Daraus erstellt unsere Marktingfirma spannende Inhalte für diese Website sowie für LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram und weitere Marktingkanäle. Wichtig zu wissen: Wir setzen euch richtig gut ins Szene: Denn gute Stories mit euch im ZIP ist auch gute Werbung für eure Firma. Deshalb stellen wir euch unser Bild- und Filmmaterial auf Wunsch gern zur Verfügung.
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